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The Christian's Life:  God's Word

In 2012, the ADEPR Executive Board asked Dave to write a book with the focus of helping their Pastors and leaders read and teach the Bible with a deeper understanding.  After much inner struggle about not being an author, he proceeded, with God's help and direction, to write this book.  With the encouragement of his wife, Lynn, who did the editing, Rob Balfour, Team Leader at Calvary Chapel, who read each revision and gave many helpful comments, Tony Clark who did the book cover artwork, and three businessmen in the Steinbach area who provided finances for the printing and publishing, this book went to Rwanda in 2013. It is currently in ADEPR's over-3000 chapels in Rwanda and Norway.



Equip Leadership Training

From the first time Dave & Lynn went to Rwanda they have been doing leadership training at various levels.

First ADEPR's National Executive completed the 36 hours of leadership training, then we invested another 36 hours of training with 18 of ADEPR's most influential national leaders. (pictured above).

We have taken many various groups of pastors (over 100) through this training as well. One of those groups is pictured below. 

Before Dave & Lynn went to Rwanda the first time, God prompted Dave to develop leadership material based on his life of learning and experience. It was called, "Servant Heart Leadership".

This has found its way into much of his teaching and many of his sermons throughout the land.

Training in 2017

Dave is presently redoing ALL of the Leadership Training which will be incorporating the Servant Heart Leadership material and developing comprehensive material to cover many aspects of leadership, with the primary focus being on character development and relational leadership. Within the training is encouragement for each person to be connected and submitted to another person. They are currently taking this training outside of Kigali (Bugesera) and are enjoying the people in the countryside.