Our partners are very important and we are accomplishing much together. 


Pentecostal Church of Rwanda

Ephraim Karuranga   Legal Representative

Ephraim Karuranga

Legal Representative

John Karangwa   Vice Legal Representative

John Karangwa

Vice Legal Representative

Paul Gatemberezi   Secretary General

Paul Gatemberezi

Secretary General

Aurelie Umuhoza   Financial Officer

Aurelie Umuhoza

Financial Officer

Jean Ntaganda   Advisor

Jean Ntaganda



ADEPR is the church who brought Dave and Lynn to Rwanda and is relationally connected and truly partnering with Dave and Lynn, Calvary Chapel, and Bridges Beyond to bring the programs and projects to Rwanda. The above are the new executive (since May, 2017), and we are looking forward to meeting with them individually and also as a team to get to know them as we work together.  During the time we have been going to Rwanda (2011), ADEPR has asked Dave to write a book and we have been training in leadership around the country; asked Lynn to write a counselling manual and train in peer counselling throughout Rwanda; and continues to connect with ADEPR pastors outside of Rwanda (Uganda, Norway, Brussels). This mentions only a small list of what God is accomplishing as we partner with ADEPR.


AmbassadorS FootbalL

Jonathon Ortlip and Dave met through a "God appointment" in Brussels due to cancelled flights and being put up at the same hotel.  They became friends as they talked at length about what each other is doing and went their separate ways. Eighteen months later, Dave emailed Jon and asked if that was the beginning of something or just a one-time meeting. Jon said they had been praying about starting something different and it seemed that ADEPR might be God's answer to his prayer.  Currently there is an Ambassador Football program beginning in Rwanda!


Calvary Chapel
Steinbach, MB

Calvary Chapel is Dave's and Lynn's home church and has been since 1994. It is not just Dave and Lynn in Rwanda. Calvary Chapel is their home family and are together with Dave and Lynn  through on-going care and communication, prayer, financial support, and sending teams to Rwanda. ADEPR recognizes that Calvary Chapel is family. The Executive has been to Canada to express their commitment to partnering together, and several people from Calvary Chapel have been to Rwanda.

Rob Baflour is the team leading pastor at Calvary Chapel and one of our strongest supporters. He has been to Rwanda two times with us, once with his wife Jackie and eldest daughter Elly. He has participated in the training of ADEPR pastors at the national level and personifies what spiritual son-ship looks like.  Pastors in Rwanda regularly comment on how young Rob is and the position he holds, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and how they envy when they see how he honours Dave & Lynn. 

For more information and history pre 2016:  Calvary in Africa


Salt and Light International

Calvary Chapel is a non-denominational church but is not Independent. It is part of a family of churches called Salt & Light International. There are many things that are better and stronger when we are not alone. But the primary connection is relational.  Each family retains their autonomy but is relationally connected and may choose to join in an effort to be more effective, locally and trans-locally. Salt & Light supported the work in Rwanda by sending Ron McLean, Rob Balfour, Robert Barron and John Mickelfield to train at a pastors' conference in 2013. They sent a team to attend ADEPR Executives' ordination where the team prayed for the Executive and Ron McLean signed the ordination papers in 2014.  They also sent Ron McLean, Rob Balfour, Robert Barron and Brian McCrea to ADEPR's 75th Anniversary Celebration (2015) where each of them had an opportunity to preach to many hundreds of people. In 2016 Steve Thomas (Head of S&L Itnl) and Ed Evans came to Rwanda to teach several of the top Pastors, meet the Executive, and talk about future connection with S&L and ADEPR.



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